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1001 tips on using power bank 2018, absolutely not to be missed

Power bank is a concept that is too familiar to everyone. The fast charging technology in the world is constantly changing, bringing the technology built into the power bank more and more. Nearly everyone owns a power bank, but the tip of using the power bank is not well known. Along with Viettel Store find out in the article below.

tips on using power bank

Tips to use power bank properly

In the digital age, almost everyone carries a smartphone with them . However, there is not always a power source available to plug in the charger, so a power bank is extremely necessary.

Before learning about the tips of using power banks, we need to learn the basics of this product line. Power bank is a device that is structured like a phone battery but has the ability to store large energy as well as charge and discharge many times. This is a product that ensures power for your phone to operate while not being in contact with the power source to charge. It prevents you from interrupting communication or interrupting work in case your phone goes down.

tips on using the best power bank

For some types of backup battery charger , customers only need to spend about 500 thousand dong to own a backup charger with a capacity of 8000-10000 mAh. There are many factors affecting the product such as brand, volume or design.

Use the power bank to note what?

To ensure durability when using first, you need to know how to choose the right power bank to buy in many products on the market today. When buying, you should note a few points:

- Buy at a reputable store with a brand name and have a product warranty or bill directly to customers when you request.

Use the power bank to note what?

- Choose a product that suits your needs with charging, charging and amperage suitable for your device.

- Pay attention to product brands, should give priority to popular brands sold in many parts of the world. To check the brand name a client can visit their website.

Tips to use power bank effectively

Many people think that using a power bank is too simple, just plug in the phone to use it. But the truth is you are wrong. To gather tips on how to use power banks properly, properly and ensure the durability of both power banks and phones is what we aim for.

How to charge the backup battery

In the first time when you first buy it, please use up the available battery in the product then plug it in continuously for 6-8 hours depending on the high or low capacity of each backup charger. Even if its full, keep plugging it in for enough time. This is a tip to use the power bank that many people love.

After using up the energy you continue charging for 6-8 hours. 3rd charge you should still maintain that time. After the first 3 times of charging, the next time you just need to fully charge it to stop.

About how to use the charger properly , fast, without harming the battery, it is basically the same as the way to charge the phone. You should not charge too long, use the companys charger cord ... You can refer to the details in our previous articles here.

However, please note that when charging the product becomes hot or not or when it reaches 100% capacity, the product will disconnect or not.

How to use the power bank

Here we will not talk about how to plug the power bank into the device or how to plug it to charge. Actually, that is the simple knowledge that all of us already know, or right after buying the product to read the manual is usable. We only emphasize new knowledge that few people know about

About the design some power banks may have 2 ports, one we can use regularly for the phone and the other port will use the tablet because it needs higher input power.

When buying, you should check whether the charging capacity can meet with your home device or not. And also note that should not be used for too long, it is just a fire-fighting measure without access to the power source. You also should not leave the charger in the trunk of the car in hot weather so that it does not lead to fire.

How to store power banks

After each use you should store the charger in a dry place away from moisture as well as extreme heat or sunlight. You should not let the charger come into contact with corrosive materials, and avoid charging in the vicinity of high voltage equipment.

You can dry clean but should not use detergent to clean the charger and remember to discharge the battery every 3 months. Users should also note that there should be a break time for the power bank that should not be used continuously.

Above are notes when buying the product as well as tips on using the power bank properly. Buying a good product is difficult, but using it properly to ensure durability is even more difficult so do not ignore this useful information.