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1001 ways to master Windows and Macbook laptops extremely effectively

Along with us learn 1001 how to master Laptop and Macbook in a lot of tips and tricks in the article below.

how to master Windows and Macbook laptops

How to master Macbook Laptop to optimize battery life

First of all, if you want to know how to master a laptop , especially a Macbook, you must understand your device. All of Apples current aluminum MacBook models incorporate a backlit keyboard. This feature is great when you have to work in the dark, but it also causes the Macbook Pro to drain battery faster. The MacBook keyboard backlight can be disabled by pressing and holding the F5 key, or the Fn and F5 combination if the top doesnt work. To re-enable the backlight later, you can use the F6 key (or Fn + F6).

How to master Macbook Laptop to optimize battery life

Installing software updates is an effective way to master the laptop

Updating the software to the latest version on your computer will help optimize battery life. To check if a new version of software on your Mac is available, click the Apple icon in the menu bar and select "Software Update". However, you can also do this by opening the App Store on your device and clicking the Updates tab to check for software updates.

1. Display battery ratio

The best way to control the laptop is to optimize the display. One feature that you should enable on your MacBook (if its not already open) is the display of the percentage of battery left. This practically will not affect the battery life of the device, but partly will help you easily monitor the battery capacity. To do this, hit the battery icon in the upper right corner of the Mac OS menu bar and hit the “Show percentage” option.

Do you know how to use the Laptop battery from the bottle? Is there a battery bottle when plugging in a laptop charger?

1. Display battery ratio

2. Reduce screen brightness

Similar to other mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, laptop screen is also one of the factors that "consume" the most battery. Therefore, when using the device in battery mode (not plugged in to charge), you should reduce the screen brightness to less than half or at a level that suits your eyes. To do this, press the F1 key on your keyboard or a combination of the Fn and F1 keys. Its best to disable the auto brightness feature on your MacBook by going to System Preferences, selecting Display, and then unchecking the “Automatically adjust brightness” box.

3. Turn off Bluetooth

If you do not regularly use Bluetooth devices such as mouse or computer speakers to connect to your MacBook, then you should turn off this connection to save significant battery life. To do this, go to System Preferences, select Bluetooth and switch to Off.

3. Turn off Bluetooth

4. Disconnect the USB devices

As is the case with Bluetooth, if you are not using the USB devices that are connected to the MacBook, such as flash drives or external hard drives, you should remove them to save battery power. If you are using a MacBook with a battery, it is best not to plug the smartphone or tablet charger with the USB port of the machine.

5. Quit applications you are not using

It is a good practice to quit the program completely as soon as you do not use it. However, some users still have a habit of leaving them open and running in the background even when not needed for a long time. To close a running program on the desktop, press the Command key and the Q key simultaneously.

With the aforementioned laptop ownership methods , I hope you will master your Macbook in the most optimal way. Wish you successfully overcome this phenomenon ...

Is your Windows 10 laptop slow to boot and are you very annoyed with it? Lets explore the 3 tips to help your laptop boot quickly below.

6. Tricks to help the laptop start quickly by application manager

By default, there are some applications that start automatically on the system like Skype, Evernote and TeamViewer ... This will slow down your application startup speed. Now you need to turn it off by pressing the key combination: Ctrl + Shift + Esc, then select Startup, next select the application to turn off starting with Windows, and finally select Disable.

Tips to help the laptop boot quickly 

7. Turn on boot acceleration

This is a feature available in Windows 8.x and Windows 10. It is combined with Hibernate and Shutdown, which in turn helps to reduce the time. start the laptop. To use this quick boot-up trick, first right-click the battery icon, select Power Options, then choose Change settings that are currently unavailable.

Then continue to select Turn on fast startup (recommend), then click Save changes to save the changes. In case you cannot tick this feature, you need to open CMD as Administrator and type powercfg / hibernate on, then press Enter.

8. How to own a laptop, to help the laptop run faster

If the above 2 methods are not enough for you, try upgrading RAM or SSD hard drive. We cannot know how much RAM or SSD to upgrade is enough, however, if you do not need too high configuration, 8GB RAM and 120 GB SSD hard drive will be the perfect choice, if you want to play games or work. For heavy duty you need 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage or more.

This is an extremely effective laptop mastery that you can apply to your device. Good luck!

Laptop after a period of use will encounter some errors related to network signal capture. We will introduce a few ways to fix weak wifi in laptop through the article below.

8. How to own a laptop, to help the laptop run faster

9. Some laptop errors catch weak wifi

Wifi laptop cannot catch the signal: In this case, due to the transmission band of the modem when you configure it, the laptop wifi network card cannot be seen.

Wifi laptop limited newspaper:  This is an error that the modem does not give IP to your laptop or the number of people accessing at the present time is quite high, causing full IP and no longer granting.

Wifi laptop is slow:  this is the same case as the wifi laptop is weak, you need to see the instructions above and immediately call the company for support.

Weak wifi laptop:  This is probably not the wifi error on the laptop, but the main reason for the weak wifi error is the location of the wifi modem and your wifi receiver.

Wifi laptop is crossed out:  In this case, you just need to reinstall the wireless driver for your laptop!

To overcome weak wifi status of your laptop, you can refer to detailed instructions here

9. Some laptop errors catch weak wifi

The use of wifi modem for hours (24 / 24h) will cause IP overflow in the cache

10. How to fix a weak laptop catch wifi

Below we will introduce some simple and effective ways to fix weak wifi laptops.

Turn on and off the wifi modem: Using the wifi modem for hours (24/24 hours) will cause IP overflow in the cache. Because it is configured with an IP value of +1 and each device connected to the modem will conduct the IP level. Each level value will then proceed to cache, when the second laptop connects to the modem, it will be allocated an IP range (n + 1) so IP will be allocated until the end. Depending on the IP configuration of the Router, each network will have a different IP range and different number of IPs. 

Take your laptop to the nearest laptop service and maintenance center at your place to check your laptops wifi network card to see if it is loose, loose, etc. There are some tips that you can use. (turn off update windows> increase up to 25% speed of network, change DNS Google, Symantic, .. to proceed to the network faster, access facebook is not blocked, ..)

10. How to fix a weak laptop catch wifi

With 8 great ways to optimize Windows 10 laptop battery life introduced below, you can extend the runtime of the machine quite nicely! Watch it now!

How to fix weak wifi catch laptop

Adjust screen brightness appropriately - the simplest way to optimize Windows 10 laptop battery life

The screen is always the most battery consuming part of a laptop. So, adjust the screen brightness to match the ambient light by using the two function keys to adjust the screen brightness on the keyboard or go to  Settings> System> Display .

Adjust screen brightness accordingly

The right screen brightness will help you have a more comfortable computing experience, especially for your eyes.

1. Leave the wallpaper dark

A bright wallpaper will naturally require the screen to consume more power. So, if you want  to optimize laptop battery life  , you should choose a dark or black image as the wallpaper, your laptop battery will definitely be more "buffalo". Change the wallpaper by going to  Settings> Personalization> Background .

1. Leave the wallpaper dark

A bright wallpaper causes screen pixels to light up more, leading to more battery drain, and dark wallpapers dont.

2. Adjust the keyboard backlight accordingly

Like the display screen, the keyboard backlight is also draining the laptops battery, so turn them off when using it in a well-lit environment! How to turn off / on or increase / decrease the backlight brightness can be adjusted right on the laptop keyboard or you can access the Windows Mobility Center.

2. Adjust the keyboard backlight accordingly

Turn off the keyboard backlight when not needed, your laptop will save battery power and improve usage time

3. Swipe back and forth between battery modes

If in older versions of Windows, you had to go to the battery settings page in Settings to switch from high performance mode to power saver or vice versa, now with Windows 10 you can click or tap the icon. battery on taskbar. 

3. Swipe back and forth between battery modes

Move the slider from Best battery life to Best performance or balance between them.

4. Shorten screen time off when hands free

This adjustment is located in Power & sleep settings, it is very suitable for users who need to save battery power. You can adjust this by clicking the link in the battery menu from the taskbar or going to  Settings> System> Power & Sleep.

Shorten the time the screen turns off when hands-free

The shorter you set the time, the longer the battery will be.

5. Activate Battery Saver mode 

By default on Windows 10, When the battery power drops below 20%, the Battery Saver mode is activated. This feature disables email and calendar syncing, push notifications, and apps running in the background. You can adjust the toggle limit by going to  Settings> System> Battery .

Activate Battery Saver mode 

Battery Saver mode is enabled by default in Windows 10

6. Check battery usage by app

With Windows 10, you can see which apps are using the most battery resources by going to Settings> System> Battery and clicking on Battery usage by app. If you find an app that you think it uses more than sharing, click on it then turn on / off the Managed by Windows switch and make sure Allow app to run background tasks is not selected.

Check battery usage by app

The battery usage application list will show you the percentage of battery used in the last 6 or 24 hours, or the past week.

7. Turn off unnecessary connections

Often the connections that can be turned off are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB connections on the device. If your machine has a switch, it is very simple, you just need to switch it to the off step. With Windows 10, most connections can be disabled in the Action Center.

Turn off unnecessary connections

Pay attention to the connections because they are also silently eating away your battery!

There are many ways to master a laptop as well as a very effective Macbook that you can try right away. Exploit them to help extend your laptop runtime!