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5 ways to quickly fix the error that the laptop cannot catch wifi!

Have you ever been in the situation where your laptop cannot catch the wifi? Surely it was and very annoying, right? Lets find a solution!

How to fix laptop not able to catch wifi

To fix the error of the laptop not catching the Wifi, you can refer to one of the solutions below. Also, if you have a better way, please let everyone know by commenting in the comments below.

Laptop does not catch wifi, annoying many people 
Laptop does not catch wifi, annoying many people

1. Restart the wifi router

The simple and first solution you can try for the  laptop not catching wifi problem  is restarting your wifi router or restarting your computer.


2. Your computer has not installed the wifi driver or you have turned off the device to detect wifi

To check if your laptop has installed the driver, you can do the following: Right-click This PC (Win 8) or Computer (Win 7) on the desktop and select Manage. Continue to select Device Manager> Network adapters> Check if there is a wifi driver (wifi driver: the line says Wireless Network).

Install wifi driver for laptop
Install wifi driver for laptop

If the wifi driver software is already on your computer but you still have not caught the wifi, you must immediately think about turning off wifi detection. Different laptop brands sometimes have different ways to turn them on, see what brand of your laptop and try the following:

Usually, you will use the keyboard shortcut Fn + Fx (where x can be a number from 1 to 9 depending on the laptop company you are using).

  • For Asus or Dell series: Fn + F2
  • With Lenovo series: Fn + F5
  • With the Acer series: Fn + F5
  • With Sony Vaio or some other machines, usually there will be a separate button to turn on and off the laptops Wifi detector.

3. Using the wrong login password

When your computer has detected wifi but you cannot log in, it may be due to the wrong password. Should retype the password, be sure to turn off unikey and CapsLock and try again to see why!

Entering incorrect wifi is the most frequent error of users
Entering incorrect wifi is the most frequent error of users

4. Laptop cannot catch wifi due to DNS error

When you try to access the site, your computer connects to the DNS server and asks for the IP address of the site. Therefore, you can access it directly by IP address without going through DNS, by typing the IP address directly of that website into browser. To see the IP address of a website, you can go to Start / Command Prompt, enter the command Ping that website, and its IP address will show up below.

DNS error also prevents the laptop from catching wifi
DNS error also prevents the laptop from catching wifi

If your  laptop cant catch the wifi , you should use a third-party DNS server, like OpenDNS. You can try to use Googles DNS which is quite popular today is -, you can use the DNS Changer software to change to TCP / IP instead. The DNS change also makes it possible to access blocked websites.

5. Laptop cannot catch wifi due to virus

Computer infected with virus and can not connect to the Internet or Wifi is also a common cause. The main reason why your computer is infected with a virus is because you use crack software or do not have anti-virus software protection and regularly visit websites that contain malicious code and viruses.

Virus is also one of the reasons why the laptop cannot catch the wifi
Virus is also one of the reasons why the laptop cannot catch the wifi

Therefore, you should limit the installation of unknown software, do not access websites with unhealthy content, especially foreign websites. If necessary, you can install some popular anti-virus software such as: AVG, BKAV, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, ... to protect your computer from malicious codes and viruses harmful to the computer.

In this modern technology era, you need internet wherever you go, so dont let your  laptop not catch the wifi ! Wish you success with these great tips above!