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Change to a new phone if your phone is experiencing one of these symptoms

Here are 9 signs you should consider buying a new phone from Cnet tech site.

1. Not enough battery life until noon


Normally, a smartphone can be used from morning to night at moderate intensity without charging. If you use at normal level and the battery is only until noon or past noon, that is one of the signs that should change the phone.

2. The phone automatically turns off sometimes

Do you know whats more frustrating than running out of battery all the time? It is a problem that the machine sometimes suddenly turns off for unknown reasons, has to wait a while to turn it on again or sometimes it still does not turn on. If you experience such symptoms, you may want to buy a new phone so you can better control switching off and on.

3. No one understands what you are saying on the phone


The cause may be due to the device being in the water or it may be due to using it for a long time, so the microphone recording conversation is malfunctioning, unstable. If this is the case, you can plug in a headset with mic to make calls or replace a new phone.

4. The phone screen is cracked


Phones with cracked screen are even more annoying than phones that run slowly. Maybe after using it, you will get used to the cracks in the screen, but a new sharp screen will definitely make it much more comfortable to use.

5. Touch screen responds slowly


If your phone starts to respond slowly or intermittently to touch and hand sweeps on the touch screen then it is time to upgrade your phone.

6. Photos and movies look like they were taken through a glass window


Phone cameras tend to fade over time, possibly due to dirt that gets stuck inside the lens. If photos and videos taken from your phone appear blurred or appear foggy in the picture, you should clean the lens. If cleaning the lens still does not solve the problem, it is time to spend money to buy a new phone to capture the moments sharper and clearer.

7. Plugging in headphones is an art


Listening to music on the headphones begins with plugging in the headphones and gently adjusting the jack. Sometimes, just a slight adjustment is heard, but sometimes you have to adjust it a few times to get the new sound into the headset. If you are familiar with such a situation, it is time for the audio jack to demand retirement.

8. Out of memory space


After a period of use, photos, music files and applications will gradually take up all the memory on the phone, especially with older products with only 8GB or less capacity. Moving on to new phones, you should look for ones with 32GB or more of free storage, or if you choose 16GB, youll have to find a way to live well with that meager capacity.

9. You have to flip the phone open to answer the call


If youre using a flip phone, youll probably get used to or mastered sliding your phone with one hand to answer a call. But if you try to experience the touch of a light hand to answer a call or even some smartphones with sensors that allow you to just pick up the phone to answer a call immediately, you will find them much more convenient than phones. clamshell.