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Detailed instructions on how to fix weak wifi laptops

Fix weak wifi catch laptop

Fix weak wifi catch laptop

Some laptop errors catch weak wifi

Wifi laptop cannot catch the signal : In this case, due to the transmission band of the modem when you configure it, it may not be visible to the laptop wifi network card.

Wifi laptop limited newspaper : This is an error that the modem does not give IP to your laptop or the number of people accessing at the present time is quite high, causing full IP and no longer granting.

Wifi laptop is slow:  this is the same case as the wifi laptop is weak, you need to see the instructions above and immediately call the company for support.

Weak wifi laptop:  This is probably not the wifi error on the laptop, but the main reason for the weak wifi error is the location of the wifi modem and your wifi receiver.

Wifi laptop is crossed out:  In this case, you just need to reinstall the wireless driver for your laptop!

The use of wifi modem for hours (24 / 24h) will cause IP overflow in the cache

The use of wifi modem for hours (24 / 24h) will cause IP overflow in the cache

How to fix weak wifi catch laptop

Below we will introduce some  simple and effective ways to  fix weak wifi laptops .

Turn on and off the wifi modem: Using the wifi modem for hours (24/24 hours) will cause IP overflow in the cache. Because it is configured with an IP value of +1 and each device connected to the modem will conduct the IP level. Each level value will then proceed to cache, when the second laptop connects to the modem, it will be allocated an IP range (n + 1) so IP will be allocated until the end. Depending on the IP configuration of the Router, each network will have a different IP range and different number of IPs.

Take your laptop to the nearest laptop service and maintenance center at your place to check your laptops wifi network card to see if it is loose, loose, etc. There are some tips that you can use. (turn off update windows> increase up to 25% network speed, change DNS Google, Symantic, .. to proceed to the network faster, access facebook is not blocked, ..)

Take the machine to a service center for other troubleshooting

Take the machine to a service center for other troubleshooting

With the detailed instructions on how to  fix weak wifi-catching laptops  above, hopefully you already know how to make your device work more efficiently after a long time of use.

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