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Fixing wrong phone battery capacity is extremely simple

Sometimes the battery is still usable but the phone is still powered down. Chances are the battery has been bottle or due  to the virtual battery error on the smartphone . To recognize this problem, you need to take the following steps.

Phone reports wrong battery capacity? Please use up your phone battery

You need to completely deplete the battery if you want to fix your  phone reporting wrong battery capacity . Once the power is turned off, just to be sure, turn the phone on a few more times until it no longer starts up. Then, the new phone is completely drained of battery.

Error of virtual battery on smartphone.

Virtual battery error on the phone can be due to improper charging method, directly affecting the quality of the phone battery. 99% of phone users in Vietnam are having problems with charging the phone that we all do not know.

Recharge your phone

Charge your phone for the purpose of supplying power to the battery after it has been depleted. You should not use the phone while it is charging. Meanwhile, the battery must be charged and discharged. That is completely harmful to the phone and has a negative impact on the battery. This is the reason why the phone battery is bottled.

To check the level of phone battery bottle, you can refer to how to check iPhone battery battery here or how to check Android phone battery bottle .

Charge the phone in a cool environment

Charge the phone in a cool environment

Keep the device while charging in a cool place. Have regular checks of the battery by touching the back cover. If they are too hot, you can fix it with some other conventional heat sinks.

Continue to charge your phone

When the phone says the battery life has reached 100%, do not rush to unplug the charger. Most likely this is just a virtual smartphone notification. Please continue charging for another 1 hour. That will help you ensure that your phone battery is fully charged. Heres how to fix  wrong phone battery capacity used  by many people ...


Check the results

After completing the above steps, please check the results. During use, pay attention to whether the phone still has virtual battery status or not.


If the power goes down when the phone still shows "green" battery life, we can eliminate the cause by the phone showing virtual battery. You should plan to replace a new battery for your phone to operate more stably

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