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How to log into Windows 10 with fingerprints is very simple

Fingerprint security not only appears on laptops, but it has also been integrated into laptops for a long time. However, it also has many different versions as well as usage. Along with Viettel Store learn how to log into Windows 10 with fingerprints is extremely simple through Windows Hello.

What is Windows Hello?

Before knowing how to sign in to Windows 10 with fingerprints , we need to learn a little about the Windows Hello terminology As Microsoft explains, Windows Hello is a more private way to sign in to your Windows 10 devices with just a glance or a tap.

What is Windows Hello?

What is Windows Hello?  (first)

What is Windows Hello?  (2)

What is Windows Hello?  (3)What is Windows Hello?  (4)

Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, and most PCs with fingerprint readers are now ready for Windows Hello, and there will be more devices that can recognize your face and fingerprints in the future. You can also sign in to your PC using Windows Hello companion devices, such as Microsoft Band, and some Windows 10 phones.

In Windows Hello, youll see options for your face, fingerprint, or pupil if your PC has a fingerprint reader or camera that supports the feature.

How to log into Windows 10 with fingerprint via Windows Hello

Before starting to set up fingerprint login , you must set up a PIN for Windows 10. This is in case you forget your password or the device does not recognize the correct fingerprint, you have something to unlock the computer.

Go to Settings> Accounts> Sign-in options . Here you will see the Windows Hello item with the Setup section being hidden with the message "You must set up a pin before you can enrol in Windows Hello" . Therefore, to enable fingerprint login Windows 10, you add a new PIN by clicking the Add button.

Once youve completed setting up a pin code, go to Sign-in options> Setup to proceed with fingerprint settings for Windows 10. Of course, your laptop must be equipped with a fingerprint scanner with the latest Driver to supports Windows 10 and Windows Hello .

Depending on whether your fingerprint scanner is one-touch type or the one you have to slide your finger on, the system will display a different message. Next you will be asked to slide one finger into the Fingerprint Reader to recognize fingerprints. Slide the finger that you want to use to recognize Windows 10 computer sign-in.

You have to reset the fingerprint sensor multiple times until it is complete, this step is quite similar to setting on a phone .

Once done, you will get a message saying: All set. So successful!

You try to lock the device and then log in with your fingerprint to see if it is okay. Hopefully how to log into Windows 10 with fingerprints in this article will not make you difficult to do.