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How to set the default Chrome incognito mode for computers


Instructions for creating shotcut to incognito mode Chrome

So, how do you  immediately enter Chrome incognito mode  ?

How to install Chrome incognito mode quickly

First of all, create a Chrome Shortcut on the Desktop, then right-click the shortcut -> Properties.


A dialog box will appear, you just need to add "-incognito" at the end of the Target box. Note, characters include 1 space (space), dashes and keywords.


A dialog box appears asking for administrative privileges. You just need to click on “Continue” then OK to finish.

If you do not select a shortcut from Destoop but from the Taskbar, right-click the Google Chrome icon on the Taskbar, then right-click Google Chrome when the Menu panel pops up and select Properties.


So you have finished the job. From now on, when you want to quickly launch  Chrome incognito mode , just click on this customized Shotcut. If you want to cancel, just repeat the steps above and delete the "-incognito" added earlier.

As a side note,  Chrome incognito mode  will not save your account login status on websites. Therefore, always remember your password for the next login.