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Instructions on how to fix the error of the video card not recognizing the drive

Video card error, not recognizing the laptops drive are listed as the most common errors. Below maintenance tips, please guide how to fix the video card error, not recognize the drive of  this laptop .

How to fix the video card not recognizing the drive

I. Overview of discrete video card

Most discrete video cards are equipped with most laptops today. However, the problem is that when using the discrete VGA video card often appears errors when using. The most common manifestation is that it is related to the computers graphics card. The cause of this error is due to the excessive temperature of the VGA chip caused by the laptop to operate for a long time, and the connection between the graphics card and the motherboard should mainly lead to the chip pins. VGA is open and there is an error in the hardware.

Solution for discrete card does not recognize the disc.
Solution for discrete card does not recognize the disc.

3 most excellent solutions:

- If the laptop is still in the warranty period, you should ask the center or the company that sells the laptop for you to repair the laptop, replace new components.

- If the laptop is not within the warranty period, you can steam the chip, do the legs, buy another VGA chip to close.

- Create a mold to keep VGA on the mainboard and then plug the VGA into the form of CPU. This method works best but requires many factors (Popular in foreign countries, Vietnam currently cannot meet).

Solution for discrete card does not recognize the disc.  first

II. Cause & solution for laptop not recognizing the drive

1. Original laptop does not recognize the disk:

Damaged drive is unreadable (Common)

- Laptop is damaged and cannot control the drive

2. Solution for laptop receiving disk:

First you need to test different DVD drives to replace the current DVD, if it still does not fix it, you need to check whether the cause is the machine or the drive. If you are using an old machine, the best way to fix this problem is to replace a new drive.

2. Solution for laptop receiving disk:

If you find that the drive is still good, detecting the cause of the error is quite difficult. We need to examine more in depth - South chip. The chip of the computer is responsible for the management of the peripheral devices. If you have identified the correct South chip causing the error then you need to check again or you may need to replace the new chip. Note that the Nam chip is also related to the power supply of the computer, so when you check, make sure to turn off the power completely.