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Laptop battery is what? Should replace Cell battery for Laptop?

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Laptop battery is what?

As we know that laptop batteries are often manufacturers suspected product specifications are 4 Cells, 6 Cells, 9 Cells or 12 Cells, but we still do not understand what they mean? In fact, the Cell in a laptop battery   is a li-ion battery that is put together only. Each Cell battery is a Li-ion battery 3.6-3.7V voltage 2200-2600mAh capacity cylindrical 18mm diameter, 65mm high. If your battery is 6 Cell, your battery can last from 2 hours to 2 hours 30 minutes. Depending on understanding and usage, battery life can be long or short. Through some brief answers, the question of  what is a laptop battery cell is  more or less satisfactory ...

Should replace the battery cell for the laptop?

Besides the question,  what is laptop battery ? the question of whether to replace the laptop battery cell when the supplied battery is bottle. Lets find the answer of the article below!

Laptop battery is what?

There have been many people because of cheap price but often choose to replace laptop battery cell  as a "rescue" solution when the battery is bottle, but not many people can predict the danger that will happen to their computer.

Replacing laptop battery cells is more or less risky

The battery is an indispensable component in every laptop, even if you regularly use direct power, there are times when you need the stored power from the battery. Using laptop battery for a while you will see signs of computer battery bottles .

Replacing a laptop battery cell is essentially getting rid of the damaged cells and replacing with new ones. When doing this, the operators must measure the voltage intensity as well as the compatible parameters so that the battery after being replaced can work with the machine. If done correctly, this will not affect the operation of the machine and cause little serious consequences. But if done incorrectly, it will affect the operation of the device, such as overheating or swelling the battery.

Laptop battery is what?  (first)

However, most laptop battery replacement cases are not as original as most of the cells on the market are not sold by the genuine. Each cell as well as a battery, before being sold to the market are carefully tested by the manufacturers to ensure the quality as well as performance. But the cells that stores use instead of customers are mostly not of Chinese origin but mainly from China. Quality, therefore, is not guaranteed by genuine goods.

Besides manufacturing process issues, every component, especially the IC of a laptop battery, is fitted tightly together. When removing the battery to replace the cell and reinsert it, otherwise it will cause the parts not to fit together creating operating problems. Man Nam, a computer store owner, said that changing the cell manually cannot guarantee that the battery will not be a problem during use.

Should buy genuine batteries from large systems

If you do not replace the cell but buy a new battery, users are also "headache" because the laptop battery market is very rich in categories. For inexperienced people, choosing a good battery for yourself is not easy. There have been many cases of buying fake batteries, poor quality, even recycled batteries - a form of batteries replaced cells.

So when buying a new battery, the buyer should pay attention to the following:

  • Interested in the parameters on the battery that manufacturers print a lot, while the unknown type has the opposite behavior.
  • Pay attention to the boldness, clarity of the print. If a battery has fuzzy printing parameters, not clear, or even blurred, then it is not a good battery.
  • To avoid buying recycled goods, observe the joints, the connection of battery parts. If these areas show signs of adhesive and are not smooth, the battery may have been removed and replaced.

Should buy genuine batteries from large systems

In addition, users should buy batteries at genuine distribution stores. This is the easiest way to get a quality battery because, after all, the price of a good quality cell makes a battery as expensive as a genuine battery, while, if you replace the laptop battery cell, Users again incur additional unforeseen risks before disassembly.

Hopefully, in the framework of this article, you have partly answered the question of  what is laptop battery cell  and should you replace it with a laptop battery for many readers. Wish you use your laptop safely and optimize battery life.