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Laptop often restarted and how to fix it effectively

Cause the laptop is often reset

Before we find a way to effectively and time-saving a problem, we need to identify its cause. So what is the reason why a laptop is often reset?

  • Error caused by the battery is no longer good
  • Error due to charging
  • Error due to device overheating
  • Error due to virus or error due to computer hard drive

How to fix the reset laptop error continuously

Once you have found the cause of your laptop being reset repeatedly, now is the time to learn how to fix this error. Specifically:

1. Bad battery also causes laptop to restart often

Bad battery also causes laptop to restart often
Bad battery also causes laptop to restart often

Cause:  Laptop batteries are like batteries for cell phones, they play the role of providing power to the machine. Therefore, if the quality of your battery is not good, due to long purchase or purchase of poor quality batteries, fake goods, etc., when using these batteries, they will provide an unstable current that causes the device to shut down and start. react.

Solution :  Turn your  laptop  over and find the battery compartment, select the latches and remove the battery, then use the power plug into the machine and try using it. If the result is a stable machine use, then surely your laptop battery has a problem. Please bring to the service center for inspection and replacement if necessary.

2. The laptop is constantly reset due to Charging

laptop reset error continuously due to Charging

Cause: of  course there is a problem with the charger, the parts inside the charger are no longer good or damaged, so the current is unstable, causing power failure and restarting the machine when the device is running on charging (unplugged). battery out of the machine).

Solution:  You should bring the charger to a test center, or test it yourself on a different type of computer. If the reboot still occurs on those devices, you will need to replace (or repair) the charger.

3. The computer is too hot

Cause:  Too high a temperature is dangerous for electronic devices in general and laptops in particular. Therefore, manufacturers have integrated technologies inside the machine to help it reboot itself (or have special notices) to notify the user of the machine status. Usually the places where the highest temperatures are generated are the CPU and GPU. With specialized software or manually you can check the temperature in these areas. If abnormal, this is definitely the cause of the above situation.

Because the computer is too hot


- You can use the computer temperature checker program such as HWMonitor software to check when the laptop or restart is happening frequently ...

- After downloading and installing, open the software, you will see the temperature of the computer components.

Because the computer is too hot

  • The top red circled is the motherboard temperature
  • The second is the temperature of the CPU.
  • Third is the hard drive temperature.
  • Fourth is the temperature of the graphics card.

If you see an item that is around 70C or above, the computer is too hot. The cause may be due to the machine fan or the thermal glue inside is dry. You should bring it to the store staff to do the cleaning and maintenance of your computer.

4. Viruses and hard drive failure

Cause:  Maybe your laptop is infected with virus and from there error or restart. The other reason is that your drive is faulty causing the software installed on that part of the disk to be affected as well. When we run those applications, in the process of using the machine is likely to hang or restart itself.

Viruses and hard drive failure

Solution:  You can use anti-virus software such as Kaspersky Antivirus, AVG, Mcafee ... to scan for viruses.

If the above method does not work, think about the cause of the drive failure, you should find software to fix the hard drive or take it to a service center.

Hopefully with the ways to fix  laptop or restarted  in this article will help you use the laptop effectively. Hope you are succesful.