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Mastering your computer with 8 tips couldnt be more awesome

Master your computer with keyboard shortcuts on Windows


To  master your computer , tasks on the Taskbar are indispensable. Many people often click on the icons on the Taskbar to launch frequently used programs, but there is a faster way to open them, which is to use the combination Win + numbers from 0 to 9. Each program has icons placed on the taskbar are assigned a number, according to which the program at the first position from the Start button will be assigned number 1, the program located on the second is assigned the number 2 and so on ... until The 10th program will be assigned the number 0. To open these programs, you just need to type the combination Win + the corresponding sequence number, such as in the picture above, the combination Win + 3 will open the Chrome browser.

Opens an additional window of an open program


In addition to the above trick, you can also use the icons of the programs located on the Taskbar to open a second window of previously opened programs, by holding down the Shift key while clicking the icon of this program.

Customize the Send to menu


If you are not satisfied with the Send to menu, you can completely create a Send to menu as you like. First create a shortcut icon to a pre-selected folder by right-clicking on this folder, and choosing Send to> Desktop. Then, open Windows Explorer, type the command Shell: sendto into the address box and press Enter. When the folder containing the objects in the Send to menu is open, simply drag and drop the shortcut icon of the created folder above into this folder.

Add folders to the Favorite list



Favorites is the first list in the File Explorer column, by default containing the path to frequently accessed locations such as Desktop, Downloads, Documents ... If there is a folder used every day, add it to the area. This is for convenience, simply by drag-and-drop. Another way is to open that folder, right-click on the Favorites icon (the golden star) and choose Add current location to Favorites.
 But in case you accidentally add too many folders to Favorites to the point of turning it into a messy and unattractive group, just right-click on the Favorites> Restore Favorites icon to restore it to its default setting. This is a tip  to effectively master your computer  , often used by IT people ...

Clear operation history in Windows


When browsing a file in Windows, you may accidentally drop a file by mistake in an unwanted folder, or make multiple copies of files instead of copying it to another folder. Instead of fumbling around finding lost files, or deleting each duplicated file, use a familiar key combination: Ctrl + Z. This is a combination that is used a lot when editing documents, but in fact it will also work in Windows to restore the last operation.

Jump List customization


Jump List is one of the secret weapons of Windows that if you take advantage of it, you will save a lot of time. When you right click on a program icon on the Taskbar, the 10 most recently used files will immediately appear, this is the Jump List in question. If you want to "plug in" a file here to open it regularly, just drag it to the programs icon on the Taskbar, or in the Jump List list, click on the pin icon to the right of the file you want. want to attach. That file will now appear permanently in the Jump List, no matter how many files you have opened in the past.

Browse the web, open files ... from the Taskbar


You can also take advantage of the space on the taskbar to add some other functions to it, such as open web pages or folders on the computer directly, how to do the following: right click on the Taskbar, select Properties , switch to the Toolbar tab. Check the Address field and press Ok. Immediately an Address box will appear on the Taskbar. When you type the address of any web page in this box, it will be opened in the default browser.

Create shortcuts for the program yourself


In addition to the keyboard shortcuts available in Windows, you can create other combinations to open frequently used programs by the following: Right-click the programs icon and select Properties. Switch to the Shortcut tab, select the Shortcut key section and press the combination you want.

Hopefully, these 8 tips will make your  computer mastering work  easy and convenient. Wish you use your Windows computer the most effectively!