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Revealing the fastest 10-finger typing for users


Proficient in typing 10 fingers helps quite a lot for computer users

However, not everyone can  type with 10 fingers  and know the tricks for typing faster. Please learn to learn the article to improve your typing method!

The correct sitting position when typing

First of all, you should learn to sit correctly to ensure your health, do not cause back pain and moreover, avoid disc herniation due to sitting in the wrong position for a long time.


The best way to sit when typing

- Sit upright, keep your back straight, elbow curled at the right corner, head tilted slightly forward when looking at the computer screen.

- Keep a distance of 40 to 75 cm from the screen, keep your wrists touching the edge of the computer, in front of the keyboard.

Rules of placing hands on the keyboard

This is the most important step for you to  type with the  fastest 10 fingers , if the hand is not right, you will have difficulty typing 10 fingers and not fast. Because, when setting the standard, each finger will take over a certain area to help you type faster without having to look at the keys or mistype.


How to place fingers on keys (stationary)

Note: the above method is fixed, when you finish typing, you need to return your hand to the original position.

The task of each finger

The fingers will have their own task for each key cluster, so you should type correctly according to the instructions. Although the practice will be difficult at first, if you practice regularly and without discouragement, you will master and type very quickly.


Each finger will undertake different keys

Number keys from 1 to 9 or F1 to F12 ... used quite a few so you can choose which finger you feel is suitable.

How to learn to type with 10 fingers fastest?

Tips - one of the online websites that teach typing

You try to practice regularly, restrict and do not look down at the keyboard, try to imagine the keyboard in your mind to type, then read again, if there is a mistake then correct. Currently, in order to help users learn to type 10 fingers quickly, many developers have created 10-finger typing programs to improve the typing ability for users. You absolutely can go online to find these software, study online or download to learn.

Select typing method to type text faster


Should choose Telex input method and add support keyboard shortcuts

When  typing with 10 fingers  , you use the Telex typing method, because this is a typing method that users do not have to move their hands to the top row to type accents, so the typing speed will be much faster. When you are familiar with all the alphabetic characters, Telex typing method will help you manipulate extremely easily.

In addition, to type 10 fingers faster, you can use Unikeys shortcut feature, disable the touchpad on the laptop to avoid hand collision while typing and in addition, you should also clean the laptop keyboard regularly to make sure. Dust clean makes typing faster.

Hopefully, with the above instructions, you will learn how to  type with 10 fingers  fastest, helping study, work ... Wish you success!