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Simple tips to fix weak Wifi situation

Restart the Wifi Router

Restarting the WiFi Router is something that many people think about when they are frustrated with the internet, even, this is one of the tips that the technical support staff tells you when the network shows signs of slow, lag. .

Why is that?

Should turn off or stronger than reset WiFi after a long time of use
Should turn off or stronger than reset WiFi after a long time of use

The reason is that the router will heat up after a long period of use with great intensity, affecting the quality of the emitted electromagnetic waves, resulting in the network connection becoming more unstable and flicker than at first. . Then, give the Router a little rest by turning off the power (or more careful than completely unplugging the power) to "cool" from 30 seconds to 2 minutes (depending on your job at that time) then reboot.

Find another router location that is more suitable

When employees come to install the internet supply system for your family, they often leave a lot of wires to customize the position for the most advantage. Usually there are criteria to ensure the quality of WiFi waves including not placing next to metal objects, placing them as high as possible and between the device and the router to ensure as few obstacles as possible. . Pay special attention to civil appliances for large magnetic fields such as refrigerators, televisions, and microwaves ... which can cause interference, affecting the quality of the transmission line. The height should also be ensured to facilitate replacement and installation of new equipment.

Use Wifi Repeater

Today, users also have a solution to expand their home WiFi network with a compact device and do not need to set up messy wires. That is the effect of a WiFi Repeater (also known as an extender).

Use Repeater mode between two routers or use a dedicated repeater
Use Repeater mode between two routers or use a dedicated repeater

Repeater will receive WiFi waves of Main Router and replay with high intensity to expand the range of waves. Repeater especially works with high-rise buildings and many devices use at the same time.

In addition to buying a Repeater, users can use two routers of the same type, the same manufacturer to be able to relay, but this way is very flicker, especially when dividing the IP range for devices.

Control your network bandwidth

Your task is very simple, go "look sideways" to see what family members are doing and occupying bandwidth or not. It will not be surprising that the network is slow because someone is downloading dozens of movie tabs in Chrome or downloading games via IDM. This will help to limit the download for the internet connection when you ask to stop the download of those people, but remember "one thing is nine good things".

Control Wi-Fi connected devices

The Router is sold with many recommendations on the number of different connections, if you are using the WiFi modem that the carrier provides, this number is very small, usually only 4-6 devices only. Therefore, for the WiFi casino to operate stably, avoid delay and lag. You should turn off unused devices such as tablets, smartphones to save the whole laptop.

Take good control of WiFi devices in the family
Take good control of WiFi devices in the family

Second, the control of connected devices also shows how many people are using their home WiFi "temple" by going to the routers administrator and counting the number of MAC bands that are connected.

Contact your service provider

When all of the above options are ineffective, perhaps the last resort is to call the ISPs support center. Then, the staff will guide you on how to fix it as well as have technical solutions to restore the network connection to the original. Of course, for reasons like broken sea cables, it must be accepted until it is completely repaired.