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Suggest ways to reduce eye strain when sitting at the computer regularly

Sitting on the computer often and for a long time will cause eye fatigue, affecting the eyesight. So is there any way to reduce eye strain when sitting at the computer ? Lets find out.

Suggest ways to reduce eye strain when using a computer 
Suggest ways to reduce eye strain when using a computer

Causes of vision syndrome when using a Computer

  • Chiếu sáng kém hoặc quá nhiều kèm với các tia phản xạ từ màn hình.
  • Khoảng cách nhìn không đúng.
  • Ngồi sai tư thế.
  • Mắt có tật khúc xạ: Viễn thị, loạn thị, lão thị hay các rối loạn về điều tiết.
  • Giảm lượng nước mắt đến giác mạc do giảm số lần chớp mắt hoặc bị khô mắt.
  • Phối hợp các yếu tố trên.
There are many causes of eye fatigue when using a computer
Có rất nhiều nguyên nhân dẫn đến tính trạng mỏi mắt khi dùng máy tính

Cách giảm mỏi mắt khi dùng máy tính

Để giảm mỏi mắt khi ngồi máy tính, mọi người có thể thử một trong những cách sau:

1. Giảm lượng bức xạ từ màn hình

Bright light and reflected light from the computer screen directly into our eyes will make our eyes uncomfortable and stressful. Therefore, ophthalmologists often recommend that, in order to reduce the amount of radiation from the monitor, the computer screen position should be 50 to 60 cm from the eye or you can also adjust the screen brightness to fit. right, or set additional filters to the screen.

2. Avoid working in dark rooms

Working in a dark room will make your eyes tired because your eyes have to adjust to the brightness of the screen and the surrounding darkness. If you work with a computer or read e-books, you should sit in a bright room, preferably where there is natural light. This is one of the most natural  ways to reduce eye strain when using the computer  .

Avoid working in a dark room
Avoid working in a dark room

3. Measure eye exam

To protect your eyes every day you need to measure and examine your eyes periodically. If your eyes cannot read text on the screen clearly, it may cause eye strain or headaches. First of all, make sure to place the monitor 50-60cm away from your eyes, so that your eyes feel comfortable and comfortable. If eye problems persist, you should see an eye specialist.

4. Use artificial tears

People 40 years old and older are very common symptoms of dry eyes when working regularly with computers. According to experts, the habit of staring at screens or while reading books and magazines, rarely blinking will make your eyes dry easily. You should use artificial tears to avoid dry eyes, and rest your eyes, avoid looking at the screen every 20 minutes.

Use artificial tears
Use artificial tears

5. Dont sit around forever

Keeping your head and neck in the same position for too long, especially when you work with computers or use information technology equipment, often results in neck or head pain. Please adjust the screen to eye level and sit upright, do not sit forever.

Get up, walk while working from time to time, or sit with a large ball to keep your muscles moving.

Dont sit in the same place for too long
Dont sit in the same place for too long

6. Dont look at the screen before going to bed

We humans have been "programmed" to be active during the day and sleep at night. According to doctors, the use of information technology devices before bed will stimulate the mood and cause sleep problems. It is best to turn off computers, TVs and phones at least two hours before bed so you feel better asleep and sleep better.

With the  ways to reduce eye strain when using computers  suggested above, hopefully you will have a way to work scientifically to minimize the damage to the eyes when working too hard with computers.