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TIP fast shutdown computer on Windows 7/8/10 is extremely simple

Using the power button is also an effective way to quickly shut down the computer

On some computers, the power button may be set by default to return the system to "Sleep mode" after pressing. However, you can set the power button to turn off just like any household electrical appliance. This quick way of shutting down the computer  is pretty much the same thing.

However, you should be a little careful because this mode will sometimes cause you to accidentally touch the power button and the machine will turn off very quickly. Many cases will not be able to restore open text files ... To do this, click on the Search area of ​​Windows 10, then enter Power.

How to turn off the computer
Setting the power button is the button to quickly turn off the computer extremely convenient

In the resulting dialog box, select Power Options. Next, in the list of options on the left, click Choose what the power buttons do. At the main interface that has just been changed, click the drop-down menu of the When I press the power button property and choose Shutdown.

Create shutdown shortcut

If for some reason you do not want to use the power button to reduce the operation, try creating an alternative shortcut to the power button as well as the Shut down item in the Start menu. To create this shortcut, just right-click anywhere on the desktop interface, then choose New> Shortcut. In the dialog box that appears, copy and paste the code% windir% System32 shutdown.exe / s / t 0 into the Type the location of the item box.

Create shutdown shortcut
A quick way to shut down computers is frequently used by IT people

Finally, click Next and Finish to complete the setup. After this step, a shutdown icon will appear on the desktop interface. You can drag and drop this icon to the Taskbar or anywhere you like.

Power off with shortcuts

If you use the computer regularly, often manipulate the keyboard shortcut, the optimization of the shutdown speed for the computer by using shortcuts is quite the fastest in Win7 / 10. Shortcut keys are also a way to quickly shut down computers that many people use, especially IT people.

Most of the ways to shut down the computer are faster than the normal shutdown
Most of the ways to shut down the computer are faster than the normal shutdown

An extremely popular and widely used keyboard shortcut is  ALT + F4 -> Enter . This is almost one of the  fastest ways to shut down the computer that  many people use

Right-click on the Windows icon

If you right-click the Start button, you will see a pop-up menu appear, and on that menu there will be an item called Shut down or sign out at the bottom. At this point, you drag the mouse to this item and do not hesitate to click the Shut down item inside.

In this way, you will save one click
In this way, you will save one click

Hopefully you will master your computer with the 4  ways to quickly shut down the computer  above. Hope you are succesful.