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TIP to skip Youtube ads on Macbook is simple, easy to do

Right now you can simply and quickly skip Youtube ads on Macbook.

For computers running Windows operating systems or Android smartphones, it is very difficult to turn off Youtube ads, the Macbook is completely different. A new feature is updated right on the TouchBar of the Macbook Pro allowing users to skip obnoxious ads on Youtube. In addition to popular features such as video editing, listening to music, calling Facetime, composing text, ... the discovery of this new feature helps a lot for users.

How to skip Youtube ads on Macbook Pro

This feature to disable Youtube ads was discovered by a member on the social network Reddit. And for those who own a Macbook Pro 2016 or later, they can do this.

According to RomansFiveEight - a Reddit member, when you watch a video on Safari, the TouchBar will allow you to slide and rewind the video from start to finish. And the magic is that you can skip Youtube ads on Mac even if the video is 30 seconds long and cannot be turned off.

how to skip advertising on Youtube

So when watching videos from Youtube channel on Safari browser, you can skip ads by waiting for time to appear on TouchBar and then slide to.

Although the newly launched Macbook Pro line of computers does not have too many new breakthroughs and has been criticized quite a lot, this is considered an extremely interesting invention. Although I do not know how long the " skip Youtube ads on Macbook " feature will last, in the short term, this is an act to please iFan and you guys can enjoy this joy.

The TouchBar on the Macbook Pro

Touchbar can not block Youtube ads, but only supports users to rewind the video to skip ads. Although this feature has met the requirements of iFan, you can still use it temporarily to remove troubles from Youtube ads.

So what are you waiting for without turning on your computer immediately and ignoring Youtube ads on your dear Macbook .