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What is Laptop battery bottle? Laptop rechargeable battery many not?

What is laptop battery bottle?

Windows usually does not update battery life for laptops. When you use a laptop and it gets weaker, you will know that your laptop cannot be used from that battery source anymore. In fact, when the battery is in low performance, Windows will warn you. At this point, you should see a red X appear in the battery icon in the system tray, and when you click on it, Windows will tell you that you should replace the battery for your laptop . Windows will also say that your computer may suddenly shut down because of a battery problem, or in other words the battery cannot provide enough power for the laptop to function unless you plug it in. . Please note that this warning is only available in Windows 7 so you will not see this warning if you are using Windows Vista or XP.

What is laptop battery bottle?
What is laptop battery bottle?

In the process of using a laptop, users always want to ensure a long battery life and learn ways to avoid battery bottle phenomenon. The question of  what is a laptop battery bottle is  always interested in and the answer is often received, but with the present time, the battery is increasingly being developed with support from hardware, bottle phenomenon. The battery is a considerable amount when you charge it regularly.

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Laptops today have limited battery bottle status

As you all know, the design trend of laptops today is to reduce the weight and thickness as possible and to do that, manufacturers have to look for a new design language. which we call monoliths. With this design, the battery will be mounted dead inside (like on the Macbook line, Ultrabook), not disassembled as before. Of course, there are still moderns in the popular segment that support detachable batteries, the rest of todays mid-range, mid-range and high-end products (launched at the end of 2014, early 2015) have all moved. to use instant batteries for a better design.

Laptops today have limited battery bottle status

The easiest is to charge, discharge and then recharge continuously to be able to use the device for a long time and moreover, relieve psychological fear of battery bottles. However, in fact, the manufacturers have also foreseen this. The continuous charging and discharging also affects the battery capacity, leading to a bottle of battery, so manufacturers have come up with a solution that not everyone who owns a laptop knows.

It is necessary to affirm that with todays battery technology, users can both charge the laptop battery and use it if necessary (heavy tasks such as gaming, rendering, graphic design ...) without affecting the age. battery life. In many cases of using the laptop running out of battery halfway, users can both plug in the charger and use it normally.

In addition, when the laptop is full of battery, if the charger continues, a smart mechanism will automatically shorten the power source to recharge the battery to stop the charging mode and then switch directly to the machine. Therefore, you can rest assured to charge your laptop overnight without fear of battery bottle. The answer to the question of  what is laptop battery bottle  can briefly explain that this is the phenomenon of battery life of the manufacturers design and the actual battery life difference ... The bigger the difference, the more the battery bottle and opposite!

Laptops today have limited battery bottle status1

The battery charging continuously will help you get the best performance by avoiding the battery saving mechanism of the operating system. For example, if you are playing a game, using the battery as the main source will make the game not work as smoothly as plugging in, no matter how high the configuration is.

Of course, the battery bottle phenomenon will happen no matter how good and new technology manufacturers introduce new technology. As mentioned above, the battery bottle when continuously charged has been significantly overcome, not completely. The battery will be affected when the temperature is too high or too low. This is unavoidable when using laptops, especially with gaming devices or graphics-intensive workstations. In addition, an unstable power supply will cause the energy converter to operate unstable and affect the battery.

Thus, the question: " What is laptop battery bottle ?" and the ways to limit laptop battery bottles have somewhat answered. Wish you use your laptop to always endure and achieve the best performance and battery life ...