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iPhone fails to delete apps and 3 very simple fixes

If my iPhone device fails to delete apps, is there any way to fix this error quickly, simply but effectively?

3 ways to fix the error of iPhone not being able to delete apps

To fix the error iPhone cannot delete apps. You can refer to 1 of 3 fixes below.

Method 1: Turn iPhone on and off

The reason for the  iPhone not being able to delete an application  may be due to the system failing to delete Apps and the "X" does not appear on the left corner of the app icon. You proceed to restart iPhone. This method is simple but proved effective in handling common errors on  iPhone .

iPhone fails to delete apps (1)

To restart iPhone, do the following: - Hold down the power button until the words Slide to power off appear, then slide the text to the right to turn off. Then continue to press and hold the power button until the apple logo appears, then release, at which time the iPhone has been restarted. Now go to the application screen and try to delete the application again, if successful, congratulations because this is the easiest fix.

Method 2: Reset in Settings

iPhone fails to delete apps (2)

Please perform the action:

Open "Settings - Settings". -> Select "General - General". -> Select "Restrictions - Restrictions". -> Please enter the password to set the restriction. -> In the option set "Deleting Apps - Delete Apps", please switch ON (green) to enable this feature to work.

If you follow the above procedure correctly you can delete apps on iPhone simply and easily.

Method 3: Restore iPhone to the latest iOS

If the above method, the problem of iPhone not being able to delete apps is still happening, you should restore iPhone. After restoring your iPhone , your device should be working properly again and it is possible that apps will be removed without any problems.

iPhone fails to delete apps (3)

Note, before restoring iPhone , need to backup all important data to icloud account or iTunes. Because after restoring all data will be lost. The data backup will help you to quickly restore your device without having to set it up again. Wish you fix the phenomenon of  iPhone not being able to remove apps  successfully!