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[5 minutes a day] DIY simple bamboo phone case

With just a little ingenuity, you can make a very impressive bamboo phone case yourself, making a difference with your friends.

30-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

[5 minutes a day] DIY projectors for smartphones less than 50K

To make your own smartphone mat, you just need the ingredients that are simple, easy to find and a little tricky.

30-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

Tell you how to "prepare" cans of water to make sound amplifiers

Instruct you to make your own speaker with a can of water bottle to amplify the sound from your phone or MP3 player's headphones.

28-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

Do you know how to print photos on wood by yourself? Do not miss

By printing your photos onto wood yourself , you get unique frames to hang on the wall. Wooden materials also make the scene more cozy. Just by making use of a small piece of wood, you will have a wooden photo as a gift to impress your loved one.

27-12-2020 by Matilda 1114