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How to upload GIF images on Facebook is as easy as eating candy

GIF is a special type of image compression format that allows users to reduce the file size and stitch multiple images continuously to create animations (short videos) as is now becoming a trend on facebook social networks. Here are some of the easiest ways to upload GIFs to Facebook that anyone can do.

31-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

How to set up 2 layers security for Facebook is easiest to understand

2-layer security for Facebook is essentially a feature of "2-step verification" integrated by Facebook right in the settings to enhance the security of users. This feature includes 2 layers of protection: The first layer is the Facebook login password, and the second layer is a random code (sent to the account holder via mobile phone )

30-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

How to create a status on encrypted Facebook is extremely interesting

Create an encrypted Facebook status To create an encrypted Facebook status , you just need to visit . Then, enter the text you need to encode, for example the text as shown below.

30-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

How to download all photos on Facebook latest 2020

Uploading whole albums is easy but not everyone knows it to download them The most common way to download all photos on Facebook that people often do is to click on each photo and choose Download. However, if you want to download all the pictures of an album, downloading each image will take quite a bit of time. So how to download the entire Facebook album to your computer the fastest way?

30-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

The fastest way to permanently delete your Facebook account

You use Facebook and it's time you want to permanently delete your Facebook account to live a more real life, maybe you are bored, or information is stolen or bothered by spam and lost your privacy.

30-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

How to get rid of tracking apps on Facebook

How to remove tracking apps on Facebook is not difficult A UK-based data research firm recently revealed an accusation that Facebook tolerated Cambridge Analytica for spending about $ 1 million to collect data of little most 50 million accounts make the whole world extremely worried about this problem. Facebook user's credentials are taken to build the psychological profiles of users and their friends. And take those data to dominate the results of the UK referendum and the US election in 2016.

30-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

How to download Facebook videos with the easiest computer

To download Facebook videos , you do not need to use any software or download through a 3rd party webstite. That gives you more peace of mind about safety when downloading in unknown places

30-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

5 most effective ways to quit facebook addiction, everyone will get better

Once you have set a goal of using Facebook for yourself, be sure to determine the total amount of time each day you spend "online" on Facebook. Many useful tools like Stayfocusd can help you with this. This is an extension (extension) of Google Chrome that allows Internet users to limit their usage time per day on a particular website. Set this limit, and once you exceed that number, the extension will automatically block your access to the site until the 24 hour period of each day passes.

30-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

2 ways to check the security of your Facebook account you may not know

Information security is one of the very important things when using social networks in this moment. So you already know how to check the security of your Facebook account properly? Try the 2 ways below

30-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

How to take photos to remove fonts with Instagram application is amazingly interesting

New features on Instagram Instagram is not only a social network, it is also a "top" photo editing application with many beautiful features and filters, so the number of users switching to Instagram is increasing day by day. Recently on the new version of Instagram has updated an interesting feature called "Focus", although not new, it also helps users to be less strenuous when they want to take photos to delete fonts on smartphones without dual cameras.

30-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

How to upload video to Facebook with loss of quality?

When uploading video on Facebook quality deteriorates , don't worry. Follow these 3 easy steps to achieve HD quality video.

30-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

How do I turn off Facebook tracking notifications?

Your Facebook friends are likely to include parents and older acquaintances. Do you still want privacy and turn off follow-up notifications on Facebook if you don't want your friends to know that you are Like or Follow a certain Hot girl? Taking these steps will help you avoid these delicate problems.

29-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

There is a way to send 4K photos via Messenger directly in the app

Previously, Facebook only allowed you to send images with a maximum resolution of 2048px through Facebook Messenger. That, causing the image to be compressed, is very easy to be blurred and out of focus. However, a few days ago Facebook raised this number to

28-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

3 fastest ways to download Audio on Youtube

How to use Coc Coc browser to download audio on Youtube Coc Coc is a great browser to support downloading video or audio of all quality. When you open a video on Youtube, Coc will automatically detect and display the Download button in the top left corner of the video. You just need to choose mp3 and quality to download.

27-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

Instructions on how to text on Instagram simple

We used to know Instagram as the world's most famous and popular photo and video sharing social networking site. But this smartphone app has upgraded and added Instagram Direct feature to the latest version, making it easier and easier for users to message on Instagram than ever.

27-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

Instructions on how to get back your Facebook account in the simplest way

You are using Facebook, suddenly one day when you access and receive a notification that your Facebook account is temporarily locked, now you are quite worried because you are afraid that you will not be able to get your Facebook account again, right?

27-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

Instructions on how to convert videos into GIFs on Youtube simple

To convert a video into a GIF on Youtube, you don't need to use specialized software

27-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

Instructions on how to block invitations to play games on Facebook extremely easy

Facebook is currently the social network with the largest number of users in Vietnam because of many outstanding features. However, a lot of users find it extremely annoying every time they open a notification and see invitations to play games or applications. This is very common on Facebook.

27-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

Instructions on how to block friends on Facebook without fear of losing heart

Are you really annoyed with someone, but you don't want to stop making friends so you don't "offend" them? So today, we would like to guide how to block friends on Facebook but still "friends".

27-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

Instructions on how to hide personal information on Facebook

Entering personal information to set up a facebook is the most necessary step. But then, the user is unknown to hide his important personal information. And no one wants that information to be revealed, right? The following article will guide how to hide personal information on Facebook extremely simple that you should not ignore.

27-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

Go back in time by super-fast status retrieval on Facebook

You've been using Facebook for years now, for sure, you've got a lot of posts to share with your friends. So when you want to find those articles again, what do you usually do.

27-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

Learn how to easily remove Facebook apps on Android

Facebook is increasingly optimized to improve the quality as well as user interaction with people around, especially on today's smartphones. However, some reasons such as device configuration is too low, software conflicts between the application and the device make the application frequently crash, lag, or even freeze. What you think now will be to delete the Facebook application and install the latest version. Unlike removing programs on your computer, deleting Facebook apps on Android is quite simple with just a few taps.

27-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

What should I do if my Facebook account is hacked?

Suddenly one day your Facebook account cannot be accessed anymore, at this time your account may have been hacked by bad guys. So what if Facebook account is hacked ? Let's see the answer below.

27-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

Great tip to help upload photos to Facebook does not reduce the size

We will reveal great tips to help you upload high quality photos to Facebook , you will surely have the best and sharpest photos to show off Facebook Christmas season ...

27-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

Tell you how to block add to group on facebook simple

How to block add to a group on Facebook: Leave an added group

27-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

The guide to sharing your location while chatting on Messenger is extremely simple

Share location when chatting with Messenger The share placement chat will help you move to the location of your friends easier than ever. To share your location while chatting in Facebook Messenger, do the following:

27-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

Awesome way to download photos from Instagram to your phone is very easy, very sharp

Instagram is a very popular photo sharing application today. However, not everyone knows how to download photos on Instagram to your phone!

27-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

[Instructions] how to use the Unsend message retrieval feature on Facebook

Have you ever encountered the situation of sending the wrong message in Messenger on Facebook without any way to recover? Here's how to use the incredibly new Unsend message retrieval feature.

27-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

Instructions on some ways to download Youtube videos to your computer

You love watching Youtube videos but have no way to archive them? we will guide you how to download videos on Youtube to your computer in the article below.

27-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

7 most popular Internet speed test applications today

Every cafe has wifi, everywhere has 4G ... As the 4.0 trend develops, smartphone users above all need a tool to check the internet speed accurately and effectively. Along with Viettel Store, we have reviewed 7 absolute internet speed test applications that should not be missed.

27-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

Install Facebook Messenger version to protect eyes and save battery when using at night

Wishing to bring the best user experience, Facebook recently tested a black version of Facebook Messenger that saves battery life and protects eyes when used at night. So how to install Facebook Messenger eye protection version to try it out? Follow the steps below.

27-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

How to recall Facebook Messenger messages on Android and iOS

With a simple way of recalling messages on Facebook Messenger, users can easily retrieve sent messages with a misspell, send the wrong content to the recipient or to the wrong address within 10 minutes. since the message was sent.

27-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

How to copyright videos on Youtube you should know

Copyrighting your videos by setting content ID is the most effective method for YouTubers. Here's how to create copyright for a simple Youtube video for your reference

27-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

The trick to delete all unread emails is simple and fast

Quite a lot of unread messages in gmail make you uncomfortable, and want to "clean" for a large space. Here is the extremely easy trick to delete all unread emails.

27-12-2020 by Matilda 1114