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How to fix Chrome browser consuming a lot of memory

To fix Chrome browser consuming a lot of memory, you need to upgrade to the latest version. To upgrade, readers can go to Settings (click the 3-dot icon to the right of the address bar and select Settings). On the Settings page, click the About section to let Chrome find the update on its own. After Chrome updates itself, you just need to press the "Relaunch" button to let the browser restart and complete the update.

27-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

How to delete Chrome history on phone is extremely easy

Just like on a computer, browsers on Android phones also allow users to delete the browsing history of visited websites. Viettel Store will guide you how to delete Google Chrome history on your phone very easily, just manipulate in 10 seconds.

27-12-2020 by Matilda 1114

TOP 3 ways to save web pages for offline reading very useful

Save web pages for offline reading as PDF If you want to save the web page for offline reading in a format that can be opened almost anywhere, can be transferred to your computer or synced online, then saving as a PDF is the best choice and the Chrome browser is easiest option. You can apply this method for both Android and iOS, but the method is slightly different.

27-12-2020 by Matilda 1114